Going to great lengths to be in a commercial

Dunkin_cupWe love it when companies hold essay contests to find their next ad stars. Dunkin’ Donuts is currently asking consumers to write 250 words on how they went to Great Lengths (often capitalized) to get a cup of the chain’s coffee. The company will pick 10 semifinalists. “Judging will be based on the following: 1) Originality: 0-40 points; 2) Creativity/Written Expression: 0-30 points; & 3) Relevance to Theme: 0-30 points.” Just like junior high. Each of the semifinalists (this is the really fine print) must then submit a “video of no more than (2) minutes in length featuring Semifinalist (no 3rd parties, footage, music or other material subject to 3rd party rights) addressing the following topic (verbally & in English): Show us what great lengths you go (or have gone) to for a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.” They’ll pick two finalists, whose essays or videos “may be featured in future Dunkin’ Donuts advertising and/or promotional materials at Sponsor’s sole discretion.” (They also win coffee for life.) When will Errol Morris haul his Interrotron into this project?

—Posted by Tim Nudd