GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons goes off on Pepsi

Bob Parsons is a piece of work. The president and founder of knows how to stir up controversy, and profit from it. He did it
with GoDaddy’s 2005 Super Bowl ad, and now he’s doing it again. On his blog (which in
general is priceless), Parsons is stoking the fire by discussing just how hard
a time he’s having in getting a new GoDaddy spot approved by ABC for the 2006
Super Bowl
. “The challenge isn’t to simply get an advertisement approved. The
challenge is to get an appropriate ‘GoDaddy-esque’ ad approved,” he writes.
Actually, Parsons has been talking about the 2006 Super Bowl since July or so—and how boring the
ads are going to be, and how great and “polarizing” a GoDaddy spot would be,
and how “GoDaddy-esque” is just such a wonderful adjective.
Now, in a new post, he really hunkers down. Responding to a recent Mediaweek
article which suggested that Pepsi complained to Fox last year about the
GoDaddy spot, Parsons writes: “Pepsi is no white knight when it comes to
advertising. I found it more than a little interesting that a firm with a
checkered history like Pepsi would hold GoDaddy accountable for its
advertising.” He goes on to rip Pepsi for its supposed hypocrisy—citing its association
with Ludacris, Britney Spears’ navel and Bob Dole. At the end of his admittedly
good-humored diatribe, he tacks on this paragraph, which really sums up what
Bob Parsons is all about: “Should I switch? When I drink pop (or soda depending
upon which state you’re from), I like Coca-Cola for the real stuff, but when I
drink diet pop, I’ve always liked Pepsi. I may just threaten to switch to Diet
Coke—but I’ll probably stick with Diet Pepsi.”