Is God lecturing me about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding Driving around this weekend, I noticed a resurgence of these billboards proclaiming, “Babies were born to be breastfed.” They’re part of an expanded Ad Council campaign that’s been hotly debated since 2004, with government health officials accused of dialing back the shock value of their pro-breastfeeding ads under pressure from formula makers. Still, as a bottle-feeding parent (who heartily supports breastfeeding), I’d be less annoyed by those graphic ads about how I’m probably giving my kid diabetes or asthma. At least they’re backed up by science. These white-on-black billboards, blatantly riffing on the “God Speaks” campaign, just come off as preachy—and scientifically debatable. Some humans were born to have dozens of offspring and die in their 40s. That doesn’t make me want to do that. Still, I admit the goal is a commendable one, and I suppose the space could be used for something far more obnoxious. Photo via Hexodus on Flickr.

—Posted by David Griner