Go ahead, push that Wrangler model around

Kokokaka has created a new site for Wrangler's Blue Bell spring/summer 2010 collection that lets you literally click and drag the model in different directions. The image freezes the moment you stop dragging, so you can catch the clothing in all sorts of positions, or simply admire some solid abs. (Speaking of a drag, the site's load time really drags, too, which is a bummer.) As impressive as the interface is once it does load, it's more than just a gimmick. It solves a problem a lot of buyers have when looking at clothes online: not knowing how they move. While a lot of other brands are just embedding video of their fashion shows, Kokokaka has created a whole new way to display the collection that I like to call Cursor Wranglin'. Now, if they added more nudity, they could sell it as an iPhone app.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers