Glacéau mixed up about body-image issues?

GlaceauFor some reason, Glacéau, the maker of Vitamin Water, is comfortable showing this image on its Web site but feels that a fully clothed Kelly Clarkson would be too repulsive to appear in its advertising. Glacéau reportedly thinks Clarkson is too fat, so the singer has been put on a strict all-organic diet before she can promote kiwi- and strawberry-flavored “Focus” Vitamin Water. When Clarkson is old and wrinkly and wants to get naked for the camera, perhaps then Glacéau will cut her some slack. UPDATE: We’ve gotten an e-mail from the PR folks at Glacéau denying that they wanted Clarkson to lose weight and ripping the New York Post for spreading the rumor. It reads, in part: “The news that ran on Page Six could not be further from the truth and is completely FALSE. As it turns out, it was the reporter’s first day working for the paper and she forgot to fact check the contents before running the story! We know that Page Six isn’t the most credible source for news. … Needless to say, we think Kelly is beautiful, healthy and has looked to Vitamin Water for years because it works for her. Vitamin Water has always provided Kelly with the nutrients she needs to lead a healthy lifestyle and we are thrilled and proud to be working with her.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd