Girl With iPad Head Helps Launch 'Cosmo for Guys' App

Hearst's first iPad-only magazine, CFG: Cosmo for Guys, has just been released. And to promote it, they released this little video of a girl walking through Bryant Park in New York with her head replaced by iPads. It's a pretty nifty setup, with four iPads surrounding her head, all projecting the image of her head. The concept is by Thinkmodo, and the metaphor is clear: The app will help you get inside a girl's head. The thing was actually created by Clockwork Apple, which had to rig up a camera in the woman's purse that sent a live feed to video glasses inside her iPad head, so she wouldn't walk into anything. Written by women for men, with articles like "Would She Cheat?" and "3D Sexual Positions," Cosmo for Guys seems prepared to prey on the same fears of sexual inadequacy and relationship failure that regular Cosmo has made its bread and butter for years. Well done, Cosmo, well done.