Gillette video teaches art of genital shaving

To help out its male customers, Gillette has posted a series of instructional shaving videos on YouTube, the most ridiculous of which is the "How to Shave Your Groin" video above. Whatever the merits of doing so ("When there's no underbrush, the tree looks taller," the Gillette guy posits), I'm not sure I like the word "groin" in this context. For one thing, "groin" refers to where the torso meets the legs on either side of the pubic area, so there's some anatomical confusion going on here. And their advice for that area isn't much different than their suggestions for other parts of the body. Honestly, you'll get better shaving advice from aging punk rocker Ben Weasel, who's been blogging about it a lot for some reason. UPDATE: The videos are also posted to, along with some live-action footage that thankfully does not include ball-shaving.

—Posted by David Kiefaber