Gift ideas for that insufferable shopaholic

Brandoodles The silent majesty of a winter’s morn. The clean, cool chill of the holiday air. And a bunch of assholes in their bathrobes, sitting around playing a board game about corporate brand names. That scenario may play out in some American homes this Christmas, as Belcom Corp. rolls out Brandoodles, “a new board game that fuels America’s obsession for brand named goods.” It’s basically a glorified hangman, and you can guess the quality of the game by knowing that Belcom is better known for making digital printers than board games. Says the game’s creator: “The typical American consumer is an obsessive-compulsive, brand-craving shopaholic that can instantly recognize, identify with and purchase the vast majority of the 47,000 or so branded items on supermarket shelves without batting an eyelash.” In other words, it’s the perfect gift for the most obnoxious person on your list.

—Posted by Tim Nudd