Giant Rotting Fingers Count Down to Walking Dead's Return

One more lopped off each day until Sunday

Toronto's Union Station has been graced by this cool "zombie hands" installation for The Walking Dead that loses a finger every day until this Sunday, when Season 3 returns to the air. I wonder who's in charge of removing the fingers. Does the agency make some intern walk down there every morning and do it, or is it some Union Station janitor's responsibility? I also wonder who's in charge of calming down any children who happen to walk past. Those without impressionable youngsters at home can tweet #TWDFeb10 for a chance to win one of the giant fingers, which would make a great ottoman. I hope they make a big show of the daily dismemberment since this ad is more interesting than the show has been for a while now. Agency: Leo Burnett in Toronto. Via Copyranter.