Giant pole dancer greets Gatwick travelers

Mpd Here’s the latest entrant in the rarefied category of ads seen only from airplanes—a giant pole dancer near London’s Gatwick Airport, promoting an online lapdancing club. Huge racy ads near airports are becoming something of a trend in England, following 2005’s sort-of-obscene Lynx ad. (Here in the U.S., we’ve seen giant ads with Eva Longoria and Colonel Sanders, though neither was shown pole dancing.) Of course, authorities are unimpressed by the pole-dancing woman and have launched an “investigation” into the ad placement. There are reports that the image may even be distracting pilots. Says one exaggerating passenger: “The plane I was on overshot the runway five times, and had to go round again and again.” UPDATE: It looks like another strip-club ad, this one in Louisiana, from the comically named Scuttlebutt Gentleman’s Club, is causing problems, too.

—Posted by Tim Nudd