Giant Lego Man, Not Endorsed by Lego, Washes Ashore in Florida

But it does kind of make you want one

Finally, something washes up on the beach that isn't an endangered animal or a bale of marijuana. One of Boing Boing's readers found a "giant Legoman" that had washed ashore at Siesta Key Village, Fla. The Lego man is 8 feet tall and has the message "No real than you are," which links it to other Lego men who beached themselves in Holland and England. The vague message is a breadcrumb of sorts that leads to the website of some guy named Ego Leonard, whose antics are not endorsed by Lego, and whose gentle ramblings about the social possibilities of the Internet are both charming and completely insane. Or just badly translated. Either way, I'd love to know how he got hold of so many giant Lego men.