Giant Balls Float Down the River Thames in British Lottery Stunt

Pushing their luck

If you thought the giant rubber duck that drifted down the River Thames last year was a ballsy advertising stunt, check out the 26-foot-high, inflatable, lighted Lotto balls the National Lottery floated last week. Those are big balls. Very big balls. Each is the size of a double-decker bus, we're told in a YouTube video immortalizing the event. Each ball used 2,000 watts of light. Those are giant, electrified balls. Project manager David Chambers calls them "the biggest Lotto balls ever made." (I should hope so!) It took "a team of almost 30 people over 1,000 man-hours to get these balls ready," Chambers adds. Yes, adjusting big balls can be tricky. And: "We're going to use two tugs to take us from here, West India Dock, to the heart of the city." Two tugs, eh? Cheeky monkeys! (The campaign used the hashtag #giantballs, in case you thought it was just us.) The client's just lucky its massive balls didn't crash into a tour boat, or someone would've gotten the sack!