Ghostly figures give Weight Watchers a try


Weight Watchers has introduced a campaign that unintentionally fuses elements from a few other recent AdFreak favorites. Mix the health-conscious public nudity of Blue Shield of California with the socially aware Jessica Alba duct-tape session of Declare Yourself, add in the goal of squeezing into those Levi’s mini promo jeans—and you’ve sort of got Weight Watchers’ "Lose for good" initiative. (McCann Erickson may really regret that tagline if the business ever goes into review.) The work features a video showing translucent tape sculptures of women in a New York City park. According to "Before long, puzzled passersby examine the figures and start touching and manipulating them." Yep, that’s a New York City park for you. There’s a tie-in to raise funds to combat global hunger. That’s nice, but it can’t compare with unwrapping the tape to find Jessica Alba inside.

—Posted by David Gianatasio