The ghost of’s Subway video

The fist bump seems eons ago, doesn’t it? The infamous Subway pitch video (which, sadly/happily, has been removed from YouTube) provided welcome comic relief and was even a useful catalyst for discussing the nature of viral marketing. Eighteen months later, the video is top of mind for some. The anonymous blogger at The Daily (Ad) Biz writes that he got a call from an headhunter the other day. His account of the conversation:
  HR Lady: I would like to talk to you about a potential position at You are familiar with our agency?
  Me: Of course! Who could forget the Subway pitch video you guys did?
  HR Lady: We are trying to forget it.
  Me: It’s practically scorched into my retina.
  HR Lady: So you aren’t interested in the position?
  Me: I’m happy where I am, thanks.
  The good news for is it’s making progress recruiting in more alternative realms. The latest TBWA newsletter (sent in PDF, sorry) says its Omnicom sibling’s Brussels outpost used Second Life to recruit eight staffers.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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