Getting HIV is just as easy as chewing gum

I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth while watching this scary STD analogy by Lowe Mena Dubai for MTV's "Staying Alive" campaign. Though unnecessarily long (I got it in 15), it makes a fantastic point without using graphic shock tactics. I mean, you wouldn't chew someone else's gum, so why would you swap icky and potentially deadly fluids? The tagline, "Every 12 seconds someone new gets the taste of HIV," might put a little too much emphasis on blow jobs, but I understand that they have to tie it around to the gum-chewing thing. And it's important to remind young people that HIV can be transmitted via oral sex—especially since half of all teens have had oral sex, and they rarely use condoms while doing so. That's right, MTV kiddies, you can get an STD without even "going all the way"! The commercial also reminded me that the "Staying Alive" campaign has actually stayed alive for 10 years. It's a good thing they're finally getting some good creative out now, since everyone knows that sex without a condom is the new engagement ring.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers