Get your Runaway Bride action figure!

At last, savvy marketers have found a way to make a buck off the bizarre story of Jennifer Wilbanks, the runaway Georgia bride. From Atlanta comes “Jennifer’s High Tailin’ Hot Sauce,” aiming at curing cold feet. And from a Connecticut manufacturer, there’s the $24.99 Runaway Bride action figure. The doll comes with jogging pants, a “Vegas, Baby” T-shirt and a striped towel to cover her face from TV cameras (no slip-off three-carat diamond engagement ring?). For the record, if anyone were to hop a Greyhound in terror, a shindig like Wilbanks had planned seems like a good reason. With 14 attendants, 600 invitations and eight bridal showers, this wedding sounded like something Sigfried and Roy would call elaborate. Where was she registered? Just how many KitchenAids does one couple need? And how was Jennifer ever going to write 600 thank-you notes? AdFreak would like to see the Pissed-Off Bridesmaid dolls or the Weeping Caterer, since the guy probably planned on retiring with the cash he would have made.

—Posted by Celeste Ward