Get your ‘Living With War’ T-shirts now!

You may have read about Neil Young’s new work, Living With War, which is basically an album-length diatribe against George W. Bush, the war in Iraq and consumerism gone berserk. I think Neil’s a genius, and there’s a lot to like about the new record, despite its heavy-handedness. (A song like “Let’s Impeach the President” won’t win awards for subtlety.) What’s strange is how amped-up Neil’s people are about selling Living With War merchandise. An e-mail I got from reads, in part: “Listen to the new CD and, whether you agree with Neil or not, let it start dialogue and an exchange of ideas. Wear the Living With War shirt and show the world we’re all together and unified.” This comes across as disingenuous at best, complete crap at worst. Neil’s people are trying to make a few extra bucks here, which is fine. Why attempt to position it as some sort of idealistic transaction? Try spending $25 on the T-shirt and then listening to track 3, “The Restless Consumer.” You might feel like a bit of an ass.

—Posted by Tim Nudd