Get your kicks with T-Mobile’s Sidekick

Here’s Kick Art, a neat diversion from Boston’s Barbarian Group for T-Mobile’s Sidekick that lets you turn your words into works of art. Of course, that’s what we do here at AdFreak 24/7/365, but this site puts a more literal spin on the concept. I typed in “AdFreak” first and generated a modernistic representation of what appeared to be glass slivers or shaving hairs. My name produced dotted green lines stretching into infinity. “Rupert Murdoch” generated multihued carbonated bubbles for some reason. “Godzilla” produced what I can only describe as a subway map to nowhere. “Superstar” yielded a kind of Etch-A-Sketch scene gone mad. As for what my word choices say about my subconscious … it’s probably best not to go there.

—Posted by David Gianatasio