Get your hands on these Elmo Tickle Hands


Bizarre product extension of the week: Elmo Tickle Hands. According to Brandweek: "Tickle Hands is a pair of furry gloves that emit the sounds of Elmo's laughter when they touch surfaces or objects." Sure, I'd fantasized about such a product, maybe even sent e-mails (and sketches!) to Fisher-Price. I'd expected a cease-and-desist order at best. Who knew they'd go and sell the fuzzy fingers for $29.99? There's a Facebook app that allows you to send a "Ticklegram" to friends. Per Brandweek: "Those who receive the Ticklegram get a 10-second video … and Elmo's laughing voice saying various phrases including 'Elmo knows you can tickle better than that,' and 'Let's tickle somebody.' " That's been my voicemail greeting for ages, but it sounds less sinister coming from Elmo.

—Posted by David Gianatasio