Get your daily dose of Soviet propaganda

It’s become pretty easy to find reprints of Soviet-era propaganda posters in hipster shops across America, but I’m always reluctant to buy one without knowing the context. I picture myself accidentally picking up one that looks great but says something like, “Have YOU exiled a Jew today?” Thankfully, you can now turn to A Soviet Poster A Day. Blogger Alexander Zakharov digs up a wide range of designs from throughout the 20th century. Mixed in with the anti-Nazi posters and collective-farming celebrations are some real gems, like the athletics promotion that reads, “Let’s work, and build and never whine!” (The sports poster shown here humbly proclaims, “All world records must be ours.”) There’s even hygiene advice, like this strange number advising mothers to temper their breasts with cold water. Whether you’re a history buff or just a fan of incredible design, this site is a treasure trove of Communist delights that are better read than dead. Via Presurfer.

—Posted by David Griner