Get tested for STDs, before the bees arrive

Public-health posters like this one (see a larger version here), promoting Minnesota's effort to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, serve two good purposes. The obvious one: They raise awareness among people who have or are especially at risk of getting a particular disease. The less obvious one: They put life in more cheerful perspective for people who don't have the ailment and believe they're unlikely to get it. The first function is more urgent, of course, but the second—which often affects a larger number of people, depending on the disease—is not to be sneezed at in these troubled times. You may be feeling down about the economy, your shaky job, whatever. But at least pertinent body parts don't feel like they're being stung by bees when you urinate. Give thanks to Minneapolis-based agency Russell Herder for having brightened your day in this manner.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver