Get superhuman strength with bottled water


Ever need to carry around really heavy stuff like racehorses and houses? Who hasn't!? If you're in France, Vittel bottled water can help, according to a new campaign from Ogilvy Paris (with production company Henry de Czar and director Lionel Goldstein). See all three TV spots here. The ads have some drawbacks. The "It must be the water" message is derivative. (Plus, why must it be the water? There's nothing in water.) The soundtracks are appalling: These French songs would suck in any language. And the house in that one commercial seems a bit too obviously phony. (Maybe it's made of gingerbread. I like the festive notion of gingerbread, but it's too sweet, tastes like crap.) However, the ad below, with the riders carrying the horses, rocks! Damn, those nags look like the real deal! They almost seem to be smiling, enjoying the ultimate equine revenge. Don't kid yourself. They'd turn us into dog food and glue if they could.

—Posted by David Gianatasio