Get a Real Friend, Because Yours Suck, Say Pedigree’s Great Ads for Dog Adoption

Well, it's funny because it's true

Here's a great little campaign for dog adoption by Pedigree and French agency CLM BBDO. Because a dog really will be your best friend, and a loyal one—unlike human best friends, who are constantly letting you down.

Click the ads to enlarge.


Client: Pedigree

Client Representatives: Philippe Mineur, Yann Aubourg

Agency: CLM BBDO

Campaign: "Add a Real Friend"

Art Director: Anthony Lietart

Copywriter: Sébastien Duhaud

Creative Director: Matthieu Elkaïm

Agency Representatives: Laurent Duvivier, Mélanie Marchand, Romain Bruneau, Alisson Cotret

Art Buyers: Marie Bottin, Sacha Pereira Da Silva

Photographer: Alex Murphy

PR: Lauren Weber

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