Get ready to live the life Comcastic

Comcastic4_1If you thought Comcast’s $20,000 Pyramid spot was cool, check out the Comcastic Web site. In the first section of the site, you can choose one of the five puppets shown here, program its voice and its movements (they can get hugely complex), and send it to a friend. There’s even Puppet Mail and an option for a puppet-to-puppet chat. (The idea is that each puppet represents a TV or movie genre—Western, music, sci-fi, sports, action—and you direct the puppets much as you would direct your entertainment options with Comcast cable.) The second section invites you to compete for the “Comcast World Speed-Mouse Record” through a series of games. A third section, not yet live, promises an “Encyclopedia Comcastica.” On the welcome screen it says something about embracing “the life Comcastic,” and judging by this site, it’s not a bad life at all.

—Posted by Tim Nudd