Get the glass. It’s that time of the month.

Finally visited the new Get the Glass site from “Got milk?” It loaded fine (some said it’s been running slowly), and it’s really nicely done—great graphics and simple, Life-like game play. (And I finished it, so apparently I’ll be getting an actual glass in the mail.) The campaign concept—a family raids a heavily guarded glass of milk—is itself cartoony, which may be why the game works a bit better than the live-action spots (also on the site). And then there’s the issue of the mom character constantly PMS-ing. Milk may help with that, but did they have to base one of the game’s challenges around it? (“Keep Lynn cool under duress even though she is irritable from symptoms of PMS.”) Of course, we’ve been down that road with “Got milk?” before.

—Posted by Tim Nudd