German robots can sell me almost anything

This fast-paced spot by German agency Scholz & Friends for an electronics retailer tells an ultra-high-tech tale of robotic "evolution," and rockets by like an awesome H.R. Giger-fueled nightmare. The diving dino-bird is the coolest, and I like the idea that the bots feast on each other instead of turning on their fleshy masters—though that shot of a metal foot pulverizing a bee and a flower pretty much sums up the mind-set of these mechanical mega-saurs. The end result of all this evolution turns out to be a sexy dancing fembot who looks like she could wipe out the human race all by herself. (This is an ad, after all, so I guess there had to be a sexy dancing something in the mix.) I'll buy whatever those machines are selling if they promise to obey the Laws of Robotics and leave me the hell alone! Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio