For George Lucas, the URL that got away

You’d think if you went to, you might be in for a treat. Maybe a 30-second clip from the upcoming and hugely anticipated final chapter in George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. Maybe a few words from Lucas about why this series took 30 years to make or why you should be first in line to catch the Sith flick. Nope, none of that (although you can get all the clips and downloads you want at At, you get to preview Chapter One of the somewhat bizarre story of Thesith Williams, part of a book titled Revenge of Thesith. Thesith, evidently, is a dwarf, or a midget, not sure which, but at any rate he’s 3-foot-1. He’s also an accomplished pro bowler and is “well known in the adult film industry.” (If you want to know his adult-film stage name, you’ll have to go to the Web site yourself.) After you are appropriately teased with Chapter One, well, that’s pretty much it. Info will be added later on where to buy the book. Now, I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan, and yard-tall bowling porn stars aren’t high on my list, either. But I do wonder how Lucas let this URL slip from his usually tight grip. On the other hand, I’m not going to expend a lot of energy over the next 30 years trying to figure it out.

—Posted by Steve McClellan