Gelato brand back to its blasphemous ways

Antonio Federici, the world's most blasphemous ice cream, is in trouble again with the U.K.'s Ad Standards Authority. Having had its 2009 ad with an amorous nun and priest banned by the ASA, Federici has returned this year with two similar ads—one with a pregnant nun, and another with two male priests gearing up to smooch. (See the full ads after the jump.) Of course, these have also banned. The ad with the nun uses the line "Immaculately conceived" and shows Sister very expectantly digging into a tub of gelato. Sure, that'll rile some true believers, but imagine how offensive it would've been if her cravings included pickles. As for the priests ad, a similarly sacrilegious Bjorn Borg clothing spot from 2008 was way more entertaining. In that one, two men of the cloth got married. Antonio Federici was probably served at their immaculate reception.

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