Geico’s new mascot doesn’t quite stack up

So, it's come to this. Forget about the caveman and the gecko. Geico has introduced a new commercial character that requires no budget for actors, makeup, animation or voice talent. "Kash" is just a stack of bills with eyeballs, designed to get down to the basics of how much customers can save on car insurance with Geico. In two new spots by The Martin Agency—one set in a corporate meeting room, the other in a restaurant—the wad of greenbacks shows little in the way of personality. It doesn't talk, walk or earn interest. It just sits there, inert, begging for viewers to find the concept cute or kitschy. It's not weird cool—it's weird weird. Actually, it's not even weird. It's just a misfire made worse by the use of an insufferable remake of the Rockwell/Michael Jackson song "Somebody's Watching Me." And now I've got that stupid tune stuck in my head! The caveman was like Shakespeare in comparison.

—Posted by David Gianatasio