Is Geico missing the boat with the cavemen?

Caveman_1We get some amusing letters in the AdFreak mailbox. Like this one, sent to us (and cc:ed to Geico’s communications people) by a person who shall remain unnamed, in response to a post about those wacky Geico cavemen: “Hi. I am a fan of these guys too. What boggles the mind is the volcano that Geico is sitting on with these guys. Having just completed a book on the new face of human evolution, which is showing us modern folks how stupid we were to have so underestimated pre-modern intelligence, the [cavemen] become perfect masters for oneupmanship—you could design an offbeat human evolution series around it, all scientifically grounded in data from the journals Science and Nature. In between stories of some amazing recent discoveries that are turning the field upside down, have them as grad students studying us moderns for signs of intelligence. For example, just in the last month, Neanderthals have been discovered to have crossed the Gibraltar Strait back and forth to Morocco and Spain and probably in boats, plus it was just announced the other day they were excellent hunters. Not to mention the Hobbits of Indonesia (H. floresiensis). What is fantastic about all this is that it appears now that everyone going back almost a million years had a language, even the Neanderthals. With the gecko on your shoulders, you got another winner. An absolute, and timely winner. Hope you do something with it.” Hear that, Geico? These cavemen are gonna be huge!

—Posted by Tim Nudd