Geico Just Scared Up 2 New Horror-Themed Ads to Get You Ready for Halloween

And the brand is resurrecting a seasonal classic

If you got a great deal on a house, it's always worth checking the attic for hints as to why. Geico
Headshot of David Griner

Halloween is always a good time to discover who might be unexpectedly sharing your home with you. Geico today unveiled two new ads from The Martin Agency that follow that thread with very different results.

In one, Geico’s gecko joins a new homeowner in exploring his recently purchased home. He finds it surprisingly full of odd memorabilia—along with a few objects giving fair warning that this house will 100% murder you in your sleep.

The other new “Geicoween” spot is notably less spooky, this time bringing back a familiar specter whose only real danger lies in annoying you to death.

“We’re doing things GEICO’s never really done before,” says Martin Agency creative director Neel Williams. “It’s new territory to dabble with this much magic.”

The spots were created by the same team behind Geico’s 2014 “Horror Movie” ad, which skewered the movie trope of poor decisions that teens make when fleeing for their lives in a horror movie.

This year, Geico is resurrecting the spot, which is a seasonal classic on par with 2017’s “Bite Size Horror” campaign for Mars candy brands like Skittles and Snickers. Here’s a look at the older spot that will be getting a new (after)life on air this year:

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