Geico Beats Rival Insurance Companies in a Taste Test

Take a sip and see

Geico follows the trend of real brands spoofing familiar ad styles in this series of auto-insurance "taste tests" via The Martin Agency. Consumers sip from cups of Geico (yum!) and compare the taste to samples of an unnamed competitor (yuck!). These aren't nearly as wacky or entertaining as Old Navy's recent infomercial spoof with Mr. T, but they're fairly amusing, especially the average folks' disgusted reactions after sipping from the competition. (What's in those cups, anyway? Geico's obsession with pigs going wee all the way home makes me wonder.) Some commenters have criticized the work as being too much of a disconnect. Insurance coverage is an inedible product, after all, and I agree that the metaphorical nature of the premise seems strained. What's more, the punch line is predictable, and it loses impact with each spot because it never varies. To continue straining metaphors, offering such a poor payoff probably isn't the best policy.

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