Geeks know no boundaries, study says

Techies1Techies are all over the country, not just on the East Coast or in Silicon Valley, hanging out in Starbucks, thumbing away on their Blackberrys, according to this report from USA Today. Four of the 25 counties that contain the highest percentage of tech-centric households are in Colorado in the booming Denver region, the story says. Six are in the Northern Virginia-Washington-Baltimore corridor. And three are in Utah, in the Salt Lake City and Provo areas. Also among the top 25 are counties in Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan and Texas. And being a techie is not just for the rich. A techie can be as broke as a college student pooling change with his roommates to order from Domino’s on two-for-one pizza night, yet still have a Palm Treo worth hundreds of dollars.

—Posted by Celeste Ward