GE puts the road back in roadblock

We didn’t know that Friday was World Health Day until we saw this release about GE Healthcare’s plan to do a digital roadblock in Times Square that day to telegraph its “Picture a Healthy World” campaign. Apparently, this is the first time that much of the digital display acreage in Times Square will be taken over by one advertiser—the effort calls for the LED billboards from NASDAQ, ABC, NBC, MTV, Yahoo, Toys ‘R’ Us and Reuters to broadcast the message simultaneously. There’s a consumer-generated media angle, too, naturally. People can submit photos and essays demonstrating how they lead a healthy life to this site (created by the folks at Frog Design), or go by the island with the military recruiting station in Times Square on Friday (it’s called Military Island … who knew?), to have their photos taken. But you might want to call your stylist first. Submitted pictures will be appearing at 45 feet high and 27 feet wide on the Reuters billboard all month, and you might not want to come off looking like this guy.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor