A gay kiss livens up a tired old soap opera

OMFG, we have a trend: Old media courting controversy to generate buzz. (I said it was a trend, not a fresh approach.) First, Time magazine began sporting provocative covers like the Hillary/Obama mash-up, and the CW’s Gossip Girl returned with racy content and an ad campaign that ran afoul of the Parents Television Council. Now, As the World Turns is getting spanked (metaphorically, of course) by the American Family Association for showing a homosexual kiss between a pair of teenagers. The biggest shock, frankly, is that As the World Turns is still on the air. The AFA is urging its members to boycott products from Procter & Gamble, the soap opera’s producer. P&G is probably relieved that the show finally has some ratings so people will see its Tide commercials. And if Time has Obama and John McCain tongue wrestling on its cover this week, you can still ask WTF, but at least you’ll know where they got the idea.

—Posted by David Gianatasio