Gap Kids Wants Candy, but What It Needs Is Warmer Clothes

Peppy spot, but what's up with this winter outfit?

Unless your mind's in the gutter, adorable wide-eyed little girls singing "I Want Candy" is completely innocent. And a pair of tiny black sequined booty shorts is a kicky wardrobe choice for a child. But we don't live in that kind of world. And hence, today's slap upside the head goes to Gap Kids. The marketer recently launched a TV commercial with an impromptu girl "band" (led by Maria Aragon of YouTube fame) raiding a candy store with a rousing rendition of the pop classic. (They throw in the line, "I like candy when it's wrapped in a sweater." Get it? It's winter!) It's not the first or even millionth time the Strangeloves song has been co-opted for commerce, and maybe it wouldn't be so bad for Gap Kids on its own. But then there's this: Gap's online outfit suggestion for young girls built around black sequined hot pants ("shorts" is kind of a generous term, given the lack of fabric). Bloggers came unglued at the pants-less getup only Katy Perry could love, with comments ranging from, "Shame on you!" to "Who designed this? The cast of Jersey Shore?" Overreaction? Mom's the ultimate arbiter here. Let's see if this is what the half-dressed kids will be wearing this season.