Gangster hoping for solid ROI from TV spot

How’s this for balls? Weird Asia News (whose name is often redundant) reports that a gangster in Taiwan sent a commercial to a local TV station, which aired it, in which he threatens to kill a rival gangster. Surrounded by automatic and semiautomatic rifles, he says, “The next time I bump into you, I’ll kill you.” American gangsters have missed a good idea here. Imagine turning on your radio once upon a time and hearing, “Hi, I’m Al Capone. You may remember me from such crimes as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. I’d like to remind Bugs Moran that I want him dead, and to all you listeners out there, keep your homes heated with Blue Coal.” Even now, the best we can do is Stop Snitchin’, and this Taiwan ad makes that look like the lame, juvenile stunt it really is.

—Posted by David Kiefaber