Game? You mean there’s a game?

Maybe, you, like the rest of us, have been shaking your head in wonderment that once again the price of Super Bowl ads has gone up, to $2.4 million this year for 30 seconds. But a new study from the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association shows that maybe the rising prices aren’t misplaced. It says that 25 percent of young adults (18-24) actually watch the game for the ads, and slightly less than 20 percent watch it for that part where they play the football game. While that strikes us as liking cake for the icing but not the actual cake, it makes sense when you consider how puerile Super Bowl ads have become—as does this alternative statistic: that people over 65 are the ones most likely to see “the game as the most important part of the Super Bowl” at 41.3 percent.

Meanwhile, consumers planning to watch will spend an average of $49.27 in provisions for the game. God that’s a lot of Doritos and Bud.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor