In-game ads can’t support free ‘Quake Live’

It was a valiant experiment, but in the end, a failed one. Quake Live was meant to be the first massively multiplayer video game supported entirely by in-game advertising, making it free for anyone to play. But Quake Live's chief developer, the game-design legend John Carmack, has announced that "the in-game advertising stuff has not been big business." Now, Carmack's id Software is developing a subscription model that awards perks to paying players while keeping the game free for everyone else. While surely a disappointment to Carmack, it's likely not a complete surprise. Since the game went public early this year, he's been openly skeptical about the odds that Quake Live would remain afloat solely on in-game advertising. "At least initially, it's going to be ad-supported only," he told MTV in February, "and there's no intention to make it anything but free for anyone that wants to jump in and play."
—Posted by David Griner

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