FX Gets Its Freak On With ‘American Horror Story’

Poster and trailers tease 'psycho-sexual thriller'

There are a lot of new TV dramas to look forward to this fall, but none has proven quite as eerily compelling as FX's "psycho-sexual thriller," American Horror Story. The teaser poster below is unsettling to say the least, with its urgent red backdrop and its pregnant, lingerie-clad figure being menaced by some freaky Cirque du Soleil escapee. The teaser trailers, which you can watch after the jump, are even stranger. The show, launching Oct. 5, comes from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, best known for the high school musical Glee. But the writer-producers know how to do shock TV, having created the often boundary-pushing and frequently ridiculous Nip/Tuck. The new series stars Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton as the Harmons, who move into a seemingly possessed mansion in Los Angeles. And guess what? All manner of spooky things happen. Entertainment Weekly critic Ken Tucker called the first episode "all scare, all the time" and said it "may be the show that peels back your skull and makes you run bellowing from the room." The promo campaign, landing in a sea of blah from the major networks, might at least intrigue viewers enough to take a peek. And it sure beats those butt-naked Two and a Half Men billboards.