The future is a big-ass, $10,000 table

Last month, I was awed by the sci-fi possibilities of Microsoft Surface. But considering the estimated $10,000 sticker price, I was a bit surprised the demos spent so much time on consumer uses for the technology. A brilliant new parody of Microsoft’s slick teaser videos shows just how preposterous the idea of a personal Surface really is. Sample line: “Instead of using one of today’s more popular compact devices to get directions to where you’re going, why not use a device the size of a small car to do the same job?” Behind the satire is The Sarcastic Gamer’s Jeromy Adams, who notes, “With my current rate of savings I won’t be able to afford the 10 grand sticker price until my kids are out of diapers and my wife and I are in them.”

—Posted by David Griner