The fuss over HBO’s ‘Classical Baby’

People get into parenting with the best intentions. But then reality sets in, and often they just want to get through the day. So you have to wonder how far the protests over Classical Baby, HBO’s new show, will go. The program, which debuted over the weekend, is aimed at infants and features a diaper-clad conductor leading an orchestra of various animals. “Now your baby can boogie to Bach, dance to Debussy and swing to Schumann thanks to Classical Baby,” boasts HBO. No thanks, says a Boston-based group called the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood, which argues that babies should be engaged without the help of TV. “Babies do not need HBO or any television to bond with their parents or enjoy music,” says Susan Linn, a psychologist with the organization. Probably true, but if Classical Baby can grab a screaming kid’s attention and provide an oasis of solace in an otherwise hectic day, the bet here is it will be quite popular. Maybe by age 2 the child will ready to move on to other HBO fare—say, Deadwood?

—Posted by Trevor Jensen