Fun takes time over at Old Spice’s microsite

The Web is awash in time-wasting activities. That makes it hard for brands to stand out with check-the-integrated-box microsites. Lots of brands seem to miss the essential component of the most popular silly online apps: They're simple. Wieden + Kennedy rolled out a Valentine's Day microsite for Old Spice for people to send Someecards-lite ironic declarations of devotion to their significant others. (Sample: "I'll love you until the end of time, at which point I'm not sure what technically happens.") Fun! The problem is, sending this to someone is excruciating. First, the site is age-gated, requiring users to fill in their date of birth and state of residence. To send a greeting, you need to enter your e-mail address and then wait to get a verification link to be sent to you. Fifteen minutes after starting the process, I'm still waiting for that link. Who has that kind of time for Old Spice? It's particularly disappointing considering how well-done the recent Old Spice TV spots are. Ad agencies that tout their ability to make culture have to understand digital culture better to know that these kind of clunky executions won't cut it. The good news for Wieden is, it recently hired Poke co-founder Iain Tait, proponent of the KISS ("Keep it simple, stupid") style of digital work.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey