Fun, Ludicrous Dancing Jacket Springs to Life When You Eat Cadbury Chocolate

Wearable tech gets a little sweeter

Cadbury has invented a trench coat that basically dances when you eat the brand's chocolate. Because eating Cadbury chocolate brings euphoria so intense that it makes even your clothes dance, or something. Or mostly because Cadbury wanted to try to grab people's attention with an oddity it hopes will help it sell more candy bars.

A pair of the so-called "Joy Jackets," created by digital shop Hirsch & Mann for Cadbury PR agency Golin Harris, also play music and puts on a light show. Yes, each jacket's moves are choreographed to its tune. The hem shimmies itself up. The shoulder flaps fan open. The Cadbury-purple collar pops out like peacock feathers before a confetti gun goes off. The cameras built into the jacket reportedly trigger the sequence if you're eating one of two Cadbury candy bars (though a pair of brand integrations featuring a British YouTube duo shows parts of the jacket's tech "responding" to other types of fun, like puppies).

It's a cool and endearing bit of technology, if perhaps seeming like a little more trouble than it's worth. As branded, wearable computers go, Ballantine's Internet-enabled T-shirt looked like a much better time.