In Frozen Chicago, Giant Sunbathing Woman Lifts Spirits and Crushes Cars

Arizona tourism ad kicks off 400-pound flip-flops

Temperatures dropped dramatically in Chicago this week, and so did a pair of 16-foot-long, 400-pound flip-flops. They were kicked off, or at least looked to have been, by a bikini-clad vacationer soaking up the sun in a giant wallscape promoting Arizona tourism.

The casual footwear "crushed" two cars parked below. The installation at the corner of Randolph and Jefferson, designed to entice Chicagoans to book getaways to the Grand Canyon State, was created by ad shop Off Madison Avenue. Temps in Chicago have been so low, anyone stopping to admire the novel display risked freezing to the ground where they stood. Thankfully, the city will enjoy a high today near 30, and it could hit 40 tomorrow, making Chi-town feel like a tropical paradise compared to the sub-zero blast it just endured.

Who needs Arizona? It's time to break out the SPF 40 and surf Lake Michigan!

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