Frosties child actor is not dead after all

What is it about kids from cereal ads and rumors of premature death? First there was Mikey from the Life ads, who was rumored (falsely) to have perished after mixing pop rocks and soda. Now, the rumor is that the child star of a new ad for Frosties in Britain has committed suicide, perhaps after being wedgied once too often by bullies. Also not true. Check out the commercial here. Snopes, already on the case, mentions other versions of the rumor, including that the boy was terminally ill and cast in the spot as his dying wish. In the end, Snopes basically says the ad is so irritating that people can’t help but wish the kid an untimely demise: “In the most common form of the legend, the boy’s annoying repetition of ‘It’s gonna taste great,’ and the equally monotonously voiced rhyming phrases he delivers throughout the ad, cost him his life.” If only justice were that swift and final. Via Polkadotholes and Adland.

—Posted by Tim Nudd