Frito-Lay dancing with Vimeo in breakout ad

The Web's newest browser-busting video ad is noteworthy for two reasons. First, it's absolutely gorgeous. Second, it's not on YouTube. Instead, Tostitos parent company Frito-Lay turned to video underdog to help create its mind-bending "And Then There Was Salsa" interactive ad. Known for its high quality and low tolerance for marketing, Vimeo has traditionally kept corporate types at bay with policies such as, "Do not upload videos intended for commercial use." However, at the end of Vimeo's laundry list of anti-business guidelines, there's a little-known caveat: "We reserve the right to allow certain commercial content for those businesses who have coordinated sponsored advertising campaigns or direct partnerships with Vimeo." While Frito-Lay is losing a massive potential audience by investing in a site other than YouTube (where you'll only find a watered-down version of the ad), the decision could prove to be a smart one as the brand enjoys being a big, flashy fish in a small and uncluttered pond. But what happens when more brands come looking to Vimeo for advertising options? Will users of the highbrow hosting site see it as hard-earned success or just selling out?

—Posted by David Griner