Frito-Lay Crunches the Numbers on Facebook Likes

Adds 1.5 million fans in a single day

A couple of months ago, Oreo pursued the Guinness World Record for most "likes" to a Facebook post within 24 hours—only to be soundly spanked by Lil Wayne. Now, it's just been announced that Frito-Lay set a world record last month for most new fans on Facebook in 24 hours—i.e., people who like the page itself, not just a single post. On April 11, they added 1,571,161 new likes/fans. How did they do it? They had an Electrolux appliance sweepstakes, live cooking demonstrations from a replica kitchen in Times Square, an undoubtedly obnoxious FarmVille tie-in, and lots of other stuff focused on the snack company's newfound dedication to all-natural ingredients. Guinness must be really desperate for new world records, is all I can say. This is, at best, a manufactured phenomenon, since they had Pepsi's bottomless wallet to throw into this project. Lady Gaga really needs to do something about this.