Friends forever (or just for now)

Capture3_1Remember when making friends was easy? So asks Social Circles, a New York social-networking group that organizes trips, activities and get-togethers. In a few commercials now airing from Mad Injection, the improv-fueled Mad Dogs & Englishmen spinoff, full-grown men race to the top of a playground slide—“Last one to the top pays for mojitos!”—and negotiate lunchtime sandwich trades. Actually, AdFreak doesn’t remember when making friends was easy, which is why we’re huddled behind our computer at 7 p.m. on a Friday night instead of enjoying a pre-night-club-hopping nap. Of course, it didn’t help that Mom used to pack cream cheese and Marmite sandwiches and only let us stay up long enough to watch Wheel Of Fortune. Bitter childhood memories aside, we marvel at the mileage Mad Injection creative chief Mikal Reich can get out of staffers, close friends and improv associates by casting them in his ads. (Even Reich himself appears in a spot.) Improvers come cheap, at least until they make it big as a talking head on The Best Week Ever.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit