This French Insurance Ad Warmly Spotlights Society’s Invisible Heroes Who Help Others

Lifting up the public sector

This is for the tree-climbers.

France's GMF is the leading insurer of public sector workers. But, typical of the modest sector it serves, it's spent the past 80 years of its existence running ads that the brand itself has acknowledged are "cautious" and not too screamy. 

Well, the world has changed and everyone's screaming. So, it teamed up with TBWA Paris to assert its position in a way that feels loyal to who the brand is—it's a quieter competitor, but therein lies its power. 

"We are for those" is a soft-spoken anthem for people who weave into your life to help out, then vanish back into the background. It takes its time building to a place where you understand to whom the ad is actually referring.

This is because it starts meekly, with the fabled tree-climbers who rescue kittens from duress; then finishes big, with a tired woman walking away from a hospital. When an ambulance rushes past, she stops in her tracks … then throws her scrubs back on and jumps into the fray.

The ad will be reinforced with a media campaign, shot by photographer Damien de Blinkk. Four visuals were created to highlight a handful of iconic public service professions—public hospital workers, firefighters, teachers and the military. In June, a series of 25-second spots will reflect how GMF designs products based on public service workers' specific job-related demands, directed by Truman & Cooper. 

The story of civilized society has never been a stable one; it's filled with dramatic ups and violent downs, and it's easy to watch the news and feel like the world is burning. But for every gratuitous act of destruction or tragedy we're faced with, humans manage to remain knitted together by the invisible faces who, themselves, commit gratuitous acts—of assistance and repair. 

GMF's position doesn't differ much from Allstate's, whose longtime "Good Hands" positioning evokes an almost religious sense of benign protection. But in this case, the feeling we're left with is not that we're nestled in the hands of an attentive insurer (or god)—it's that we're nestled in the hands of one another, specifically the people who, despite paltry resources and little visibility, dedicate their lives to serving others. 

This is a slow burn. But if you take the time to absorb it, what it so painstakingly conveys is that these people aren't just members of a profession; they are actors in a community, on and off the clock. Public service is a series of tiny, selfless acts that constitute a way of life. 

It is this livelihood—depicted here as a human reflex to reach out when a stranger falls, as natural to us as sleep or sustenance—that GMF insures. 


Campaign: "We Stand for Those Who"

Advertiser: GMF

Advertiser account managers: Julie-Alexandra Bertolino, Marie Saint-Marc, Sophie de Montalembert, Emmanuel Broche

Agency: TBWA\Paris

Agency managers: Anne Vincent, Stéphanie Decombe, Maëva Jordan, Martin Rainaut

Executive Creative directors:   Faustin Claverie, Benjamin Marchal

Creative Director : Marianne Fonferrier

Copywriter: Fabien Duval

Art buyer: Barbara Chevallier

CEO \Else: Maxime Boiron

TV producer:   Benoit Duchemin

Post-production: Elise Gamboa

Sound production: \Else

Head of music and sound: Olivier Lefèvre

Music Directors: Thomas Anduze and Philippe Mineur

Music:   God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi

Written and produced by Hans Zimmer

Brand Film

Director:  Frédéric Planchon

Production: ICONOCLAST

Producer: Charlotte Marmion

Director of Production: François Lamotte

Cinematographer: Arnaud Potier